Incipio 1337 Gaming Case For iPad

The new 1337 by Incipio is gaming silicone case for the Apple iPad that provides extreme comfortable grip by implementing four grips on each corner. While the 1337 provides excellent comfortable grip to your iPad it also adds bulk and weight. This was not really an issue for me as I got used to handling the iPad with the 1337 on. After I found my comfortable position that i liked to grip my iPad. The 1337 case is made out of very soft and smooth silicone that is also very durable and not flimsy. Once on the iPad it stays on tight and firmly all around without having to worry where you’re placing your fingers. Also the 1337 completely covers the entire aluminum bezel of the iPad and it’s edges are very well rounded and smooth. 

All the ports are accessible but because of the bulkiness the rotation lock and headphones jack are a little recessed. The quality of the silicone used by Incipio is just outstanding. You will notice a beehive-like pattern in the inside to help keep the weight to a minimum. However it still packs some weight. The gaming grips are smoothed out making it very comfortable to hold the iPad it different positions. I found it much more comfortable to hold while having the 1337 case on. Also because of the thickness of the silicone and added bump-like grips, the 1337 provides tons of back and side impact protection. There is a nice lay on the table bezel rim too. After using Incipio’s 1337 gaming grip I found that the silicone actually does very well with lint and attracts very little to no lint. The 1337 comes with a clear screen protector and a cleaning cloth. It is Available in red, yellow and blue.  Price $34.99.

Nir Schneider