CaseCrown Glider

The Polycarbonate Glider case for the iPhone 3GS is a slider hardshell style case, much like the Incase Slider but with one major difference, instead of two rubber rails in the inside of the case the Glider has two felt pads which are great and add even more scratch protection to the back of your iPhone. It’s easy to slide into and out of the case and all the ports are accessible. All the Glider cases have a nice rubbery texture that also gives you a good non-slippery grip. CaseCrown states that the finish is scratch resistant and i can tell you it really is! The Glider feels great with it’s slim design it adds no bulk to the iPhone, the Glider comes in 4 colors but if you looking for something more eye-catching CaseCrown has a lot of other unique designs with many more color options. And the best thing of all is the price, it’s very reasonable and you get a high quality case for the price. Price $9.21. Update: Price has increased.

Nir Schneider