Griffin Outfit Shade

The Outfit Shade case for the iPhone 3G/S is a hardshell with a slider style design, the first thing you notice is the very eye catching finish that is a mix of two colors that form a gradient from top to bottom. The Outfit Shade has a very nice metallic color finish that is glossy and bright, the inside of the case has a soft touch coating that protects your iPhone when sliding into the case and that is a very nice feature that Griffin added to this case. The overall finish and quality of the Outfit Shade is very high, all the corners are rounded and not sharp with to the touch, though the camera cutout is not perfectly cut however is does not affect the cameras performance at all. Another thing i like about this case is that the top middle part is not covers and that gives you an easy access to your SIM card without having to remove the entire case off your phone.There is a lip on the front of the screen surface that lets you lay your iPhone on it’s screen without causing damage should you want to, and your chrome will stay protected. The case feels very good in the hand and adds some bulk but not much, i find it slightly bulkier then an Incase Slider. Overall the Outfit Shade gives a lot of drop and scratch protection with a very nice color variation. Outfit Shade is available in 4 metallic colors and all you get is the case by itself. Price $29.99.

Nir Schneider