ThoughtOut Naja King

The Naja King is the most unique and outrageous stand i have ever seen, It is compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models. Naja King is 3 foot long and flexible like a snake, it lets you customize your viewing angles in so many ways its fun and very useful! Your able to rotate your device in a 360º angle with a very secure fit, the rotating holder allows you to have your iPhone or iPod within a case, just adjust the rubber coated clamps to your size. You must coil the Naja King so you have a good steady base and once you do it is very stable and secure, you can also attach the Naja King to other objects by wrapping it around them, you can get creative and even wrap it around your neck if you please. It’s made out of metal but it isn’t very heavy either, all your controls will be accessible including the mic and speaker. So the Naja King really is the ultimate hands free stand for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Thanks to the guys at ThoughOut for sending this out. The price is $32.00.

Nir Schneider