Rivet Hard Leather Pouch

The Hard Leather Pouch by Rivet is for the iPhone 3GS but can be also used with the iPhone 2G, It’s a hard shell with a rough gritty like texture on the outside and it’s made from real leather, the rough leather texture gives the case a good grip and a unique look. The inside is covered with a very soft microfiber so  your Iphone won’t get scratched up. The Rivet pouch is nice an tight so your iphone is secure and won’t come out with out you wanting it to, It’s easy to insert your iPhone in and out of the pouch. This case does add a significant amount of bulk so you will definitely feel it in your pocket, but add a whole lot of protection almost all around, the top part of your iPhone will be somewhat exposed. The volume and silent switch are both accessible. There are no holes at the bottom for the speaker but sound is still very hearable. The only thing i don’t like about this pouch is the logos, they are all over the place and the silvery one on the back makes it kinda look like a little kids iPhone case.  On the side you will notice that there is a red keychain tag and for me its useless, however it is compatible with Rivet’s chain leash. The front of the pouch has 3 jamaican looking stripes that i think are a nice touch. Id you want a less bulkier pouch i would recommend Rivet’s Leather Sleeve pouch that is slimmer but does not feature a hard shell. This case does not include any bonuses and comes in one color only. The price is $29.90. 


Nir Schneider