Blue SnowBall Microphone

The SnowBall by Blue is a professional level usb microphone the is compatible with both Mac and PC, it’s plug and play so you don’t need to install any software or drivers for it to work, simply connect the SnowBall to your computer and your ready to go. In addition to the very popular white original SnowBall, Blue has just released two new color finishes in glossy black and aluminum. The build quality could not have been any better, it feels very solid and well made to last you a very long time. The SnowBall features 3 recording settings on the back - setting one is for speech, vocals and podcasting, that is when you are directly facing and talking to the front of the mic and only you will be heard. Second setting is for live music and loud sound sources. Last setting is for conferences, interviews or environmental recordings, that means both the front and back mics are active and will record in a 360º angle. The quality of the recording is very high, clean and clear, and having those 3 easy to use sound settings is fantastic.

The Snowball comes with a very sturdy and hight adjustable stand that is all metal and screws to the button of the SnowBall, you are also able to adjust the angle to better suit your needs. There is a red indicator light that stays on all the time when it’s connected to your computer and it’s basically just to indicate the mic is on and powered, no power on/off switch. Im very happy with it and love the sound it produces. Brilliant mic, it’s well designed and looks amazing on a desk. This is the currently the newest usb mic by Blue however they will come out with a newer usb and THX certified mic in December called the “Yeti” so keep an eye out for that too. If you are interested in the SnowBall you will be able to pick it up for a very good price at Amazon right now. Price $99.99.

Nir Schneider