iBend iPhone and iPod Touch Stand

The iBend is the thinnest iPhone & iPod Touch stand currently available. It’s a piece of thin waterproof plastic that you bend to hold your iPhone or iPod Touch in landscape only and will not stay in shape but will bend back to its original flat state, it has been tested with an iPod Nano 4G & 5G it works well. It’s incredibly stable and durable, it will hold your device almost anywhere you are. It’s so thin and compact you can even store it behind your iPhone or iPod while in it’s case! The iBend will hold your iPhone or iPod with or without a protective case but only non bulky cases such as the Incase Sliders, iSkin Solos and Slim cases. The iBend comes in a package of 2, classic black and white or you can choose from the 3 amazing artist designs for added style and color, iBend even lets you have your own custom designs printed on the iBend stand. iBend works with all versions of iPhone and iPod Touch. iBend will make it easier for you to enjoy movies and videos or even a clock app, however i do not suggest using this and playing games. iBend is made in the U.S and ships to you right from lovely San Francisco! iBend ships to anywhere in the world. Prices for iBend Classic $4.99 and Artist Series $7.99 respectively. 


Nir Schneider