Elago M2 Stand

The M2 by Elago is a multimedia stand for your iPhone and iPod Touch but can be used with many other phones or multimedia devices such as the Zune HD. It’s made out of solid anodized aluminum just like the mStand or xStand and its very light weight but still sturdy. The bottom has two stripes of rubber feet however the two hooks that hold your iPhone do not have any rubber pads and your iPhone could get scratched by them, if your using a case that covers your chrome then it won’t be an issue. The M2 stand has only one position and is not adjustable however its angle is perfect for viewing your device whether in it’s landscape position or in the upright position. The M2 features a hole in the back of the stand that allows you to neatly put through your sync or charging cable and connect your device.  When you put your iPhone upright on the M2 stand, there are two holes under the hooks so your speaker and mic are not covered. The M2 looks great on a desk and can complement your iMac or Macbook very nicely, the M2 stand makes it easier to watch movies and play games on your device or even to display your iPhone. The M2 stand works with all iPhone and iPod Touch models, do you have a case on? great you don’t even need to take it off! the M2 stand can hold your device with or without a case on. The built quality is very good, and for only $29.99 this beautiful aluminum stand is worth the price.


Nir Schneider