Etymotic HF2

The HF2 by Etymotic are very popular in the audiophile community and so are other products by Etymotic. I am very impressed by the sound quality they produce, the highs are silky crisp and clear and that makes the HF2 the ideal earphones for classical and vocal music. There is a lot of sound detail and a wide sound stage that makes you feel like your in a dream listening to your music. the bass is not strong or overpowering but very clear and precise however that makes the HF2 not so suitable for Hip-Hop music, so I cannot recommend getting these if your a basshead and want strong heavy bass.

The HF2 also feature a mic and can control your music with the touch of a button, the sound quality of the mic is also very high and clear so you will sound great to who ever your speaking with. You can also use the mic for voice memos. The build quality is outstanding, the housing has a nice matte coating. They are also very light so they are very comfortable in your ear. The HF2 comes with many ear tips including foam tips that I think are the best and most comfortable, they provide ultra sound isolation. I found the HF2 to be the best sound isolating earphones. 

In the box you get a nice handy carry pouch, ear tips and a filter changing tool with extra filters. The HF2 are available in a non headset version called the HF5 that is also costs less. The HF2 are available in 3 colors. Price is $179. Available for less on Amazon.