Casemate Hybrid Tough

Casemate’s new iPhone 3G/S case called the Hybrid Tough is one of the best hybrid cases currently available for the iPhone. The Hybrid case features two levels of protection - one layer of soft thin silicone that you first put on your iPhone and second that is a hardshell clip-on outer case that you simply put over the silicone layer making a hybrid fusion, the silicone layer covers your chrome bezel and buttons and also provides great lay on the table function to the iPhone’s front screen. On the back, the case has great grip thanks to the small textured bumps and slightly soft touch feeling. The only bad thing about this case is the really hard to push volume buttons, they are really recessed but you can still manage to push them and have your volume changed as seen in the video above. Casemate’s Hybrid case feels great in the hand and will slip right into your pockets with ease while giving you extreme all around protection against shock and falls and looks awesome with that futuristic look. With the Hybrid you also get a screen protector and a cleaning cloth. Available in 19 different colors!. Price $29.99.

Nir Schneider