Agent18 StandHear

The StandHear by Agent18 is a portable stand with an integrated headphone splitter made for the all iPhone and iPod models as well as the BlackBerry Storm and Palm Pre. The StandHear does what is says it does and does it well, the StandHear is very well made with rubber grip all around so your device will stay in place no matter what, ever wanted you friend or whoever is around you to enjoy a movie or listen to some music with you in private? Well with the StandHear it is not a problem, just open it up, choose your desired viewing angle using the simple little kickstand to click and lock into place, plug in your device using the small 3.5mm audio jack, set you device onto the grippy rubber surface and plug in your headphones or earphones into the sides of the StandHear.

The StandHear is very compact and portable making it ideal for traveling however there is one minor issue with this, you cannot adjust the volume individually so you would have to agree on one volume level or if you have volume control built right into one of your headphones/earphones then you won’t have an issue. Price $24.95. Use code “A18Nir” to get 15% off your order.

Nir Schneider