Marware MicroShell

The new MicroShell case for the iPhone 3G/S is a very lightweight case with metallic rubberized grippy matte texture very similar to the matte Incase Slider and is definitely a good thing to have. It’s very ULTRA slim about 1mm thick and only covers the back but does not add any bulk, yes the chrome is very exposed so this case is not for everyone but for those of you who like these style of cases or just want something to protect their iphone's plastic back from scratches then this is the case for you! I highly recommend against getting this case if you often drop your iPhone or gadgets because this style of case protects a specific part of the iPhone and is very thin but durable. Putting on the case is very easy, the iPhone just slides softly into place. This case comes with a screen shield and a microfiber cloth. There are 6 colors to choose from including a clear version. Price is $29.99

Nir Schneider