Agent18 SlimShield

The SlimShield is a very lightweight and thin with a very glossy texture on all around, its a fingerprint magnet and may be slippery. All the cutouts for the ports are nicely cut and aligned. This case will protect your iPhone’s back against scratches and minor drops. I found it hard to put the iPhone inside of this case and taking it out is equally hard, the phone slightly wiggles inside of the case which could be a problem and is because the way the cutout for the volume buttons is designed. This type of case does not fully cover the bezel. For the price I would expect more from this case, if you like glossy finishes and don’t mind having minimal protection, this is a good case for you but there are so many other types of great cases Agent18 has to offer that i think are far better. The SlimShield come in 3 colors: black, blue and white. With this case comes a little metal table stand and a screen shield. Price is $34.99. Use Coupon code “A18Nir” to get 15% off anything at

Nir Schneider