JLab JBuds J3 Earphones

The JBuds J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones by JLabs, the newest to the JBuds series. I've never had or tried any of the JBuds or other products by JLabs so I was very skeptical about these, overall build quality is very good, actually the main body is made out of aluminum so they are light weight too. 

The plug is 3.5mm and is gold plated, and the wire is nice and durable. The sound is amazing for the price you pay. Very nice detailed and clear highs with deep lows. The bass is very punchy when it needs to be, not muddy at all. Very nice sound for almost all genres of music.

I think the J3 are one of the best at this price range. The J3 also come in a mic version. They come in a very nice compact cardboard box that is a "frustration free packaging" and i love that! The J3 include a very small rounded hard carry case and 4 other silicone tip sizes. I managed to get good sound isolation with the normal tips, it all depends on the tips you choose for your ears so try them all until you get the right fit. The J3 come in 4 colors as of this review. So for the price you are getting a very good pair of earphones. Price $29.00.


Nir Schneider