Benchmade 527s

The 527s from Benchmade is one of the highest quality pocket foldable knife on the market, it comes ultra sharp, sharp enough to shave with. These are not killing knives although they could very well be but they are used for every day tasks or collections, Benchmade is one of the best knife companies that make very high quality knives mainly foldable and they are made in the U.S, very little are made overseas and do not feature the smooth AXIS lock. The 527 has a very grippy textured handle that is very comfortable to hold with a pocket clip. The blade steel is 440C, and has a very nice stone wash finish to it. This model the 527s is part serrated but also come in a plain edge version. Very fast and easy to open due to the smooth AXIS lock, all Benchmade knives have a life time sharpening service, all you need to do is send it in and you will get it re-sharpened for free every time. If your looking for a great high quality and durable folding knife to collect or use for your everyday tasks I would recommend getting this or one of the Mini or full size Griptilian model. Price $90.00.

Nir Schneider