Scosche 350m Earphones

The 350m Earphones feature Scosche’s tapLINE Control buttons that let you control your iPhone, iPod and even your Mac! The tapLINE feature works great and has 3 buttons, volume up/down, play/pause. You can control your Mac’s iTunes and Quicktime. The tapLINE also has a mic and makes a great headset for your iPhone or even just record your voice with your iPhone or iPod. The 350m have great strong and punchy bass but the highs are somewhat not clear, Scosche claims these are audiophile grade earphones, I cannot say so myself. They are great for normal users and the tapLINE feature really adds a lot for those who are looking for that Apple earphone replacement. Another nice feature is that you can change the color of your earphones with the 5 additional color caps included, also included is a very nice soft pouch to hold your earphone and accessories. The fit is very comfortable and you get many different silicone ear tips, there is minimal sound isolation but the 350m do not have a sound isolation feature anyway.  These earphone will work with most iPods including the new Shuffle and all iPhones. These earphones are also available without the tapLINE but Iwould strongly recommend getting the tapLINE version. Scosche has many other models that you can choose from. Price $54.99.

Nir Schneider