WaterField Slip Case

WaterField's Slip Case for the Apple iPad is a very simple yet affective protection solution. The Slip Case is a thin sleeve with an outer material that is water-proof to help protect your iPad from accidental coffee table spills and such. The Slip Case is very well padded with very smooth non-scrathing Ultrasuede. Also, the Slip Case features extra padding just for the iPad's screen with impact-resistant plastic. Inserting the iPad into the Slip Case is easy and smooth. Once your iPad is inside, it stays very secure and tight so no need to worry about your iPad falling out on it's own. However, after time I do see the Slip Case being stretched out after use and you will need to keep a close eye. Taking your iPad out of the Slip Case is just as easy as inserting it, the pull tab makes it very easy and quick to get your iPad out of the sleeve. WaterField claims the internal Ultrasuede lining to be screen cleaning, however that was not the case. So if you think the inside of a case will clean your iPad's screen think again! You will need to do so with a microfiber cloth and liquid e.g., Monster iClean or iKlear. The Slip Case is a very simple and sleek sleeve without any logos on the outside but with just one on the inside. WaterField offers the Slip Case in six different colors. Like all WaterField Designs products, the Slip Case is made in San Francisco, CA.  Price $29.00.


Nir Schneider