Macally MetroLPad

Macally's MetroLPad for the Apple iPad, is a hard protective shell case with a rubber silicone edge. The MetroLPad is lightweight and has a clear hard back with a grainy texture to it that shows off your iPad's back casing. There are a few cons about this case one being the rubber rim. It's very stiff and makes it a major pain to insert your iPad into the case itself, taking out your iPad is equally if not harder. Once you get your iPad into the MetroLPad, the rubber silicone does not evenly cover the iPad's aluminum bezel and giving it a bad front look. Using the MetroLPad, I did not notice any added grip by the rubber silicone edge. The MetroLPad does however give you great protection against scratches and minor low hight drops. Ports are fully accessible and buttons are easily responsive.  Also the MetroLPad has four clear little bumps in the middle of the back to help make your iPad stable if you wish to set it on a flat surface such as a table. Other than the very stiff and hard rubber rim, I found the MetroLPad to be a great hard shell case. I really hope Macally fixes this issue very soon. Price $29.99.

Nir Schneider