Incipio DermaSHOT Silicone Case for iPad

The DermaShot by Incipio for the iPad is a great and sleek looking silicone case with perfect curves and cuts. The DermaShot has the same exact look and construction as the 1337 iPad case by Incipio minus the added gaming grips. One big con to the DermaShot is it's very flimsy around the edges. Every time you would place your fingers on top of iPad's bezel with the DermaShot on, the edges will peel back making it very uncomfortable and annoying. The silicone is very soft and grippy and will not attract much lint. The DermaShot has the honeycomb-like insides to help keep itself very lightweight and with a thin form factor, allowing your iPad to be used with most carrying cases. Other than being a very flimsy silicone around the iPad's bezel, the DermaShot is a very comfortable case to hold with fantastic cutouts for all the ports and covered buttons. The Incipio DermaShot provides excellent scratch protection as well as minor drop and impact protection. The DermaShot is available in four colors and comes with a clear screen protector as well as a cleaning cloth. Price $34.99.

Nir Schneider