Neat NeatReceipts For Mac

NeatReceipts for Mac by Neat is a very portable scanner for receipts, documents and business cards. NeatReceipts comes with software that organizes your scans and picks up information on receipts like types of services and vendors, dates, prices and more. This also works the same way with business card. NeatReceipts works very well with scanning receipts and saving them on your computer with the supplied NeatWorks software, however the software itself does need some work. The scans at first don't some out very well at all, you must calibrate the scanner with the supplied tools and tweak the settings inside the NeatWorks software. After that's done, the scan quality improves much more (see sample in the video). 

NeatReceipts scans quietly and quick for a mobile scanner. I would not recommend getting this scanner mainly for documents as the quality is not great. You can scan documents directly to a PDF format with a single push of a button, which is very useful. NeatReceipts connects via USB and does not require any power source other than the USB connection. The design is very sleek and slim with a white glossy finish. The build quality of the NeatReceipts is very solid and built well. On the bottom, you will find rubber feet that provide great surface traction. NeatReceipts only has two buttons on the front, one to scan and one to scan directly to a PDF format. In the box you will the NeatReceipts, a travel bag, NeatWorks for Mac software, calibration tools and documentations. Price $199.99. 

Nir Schneider