Everki Commute 15.4" Sleeve Review

The Everki Commute sleeve for 15" laptops features memory foam padding to protect your laptop and stow-away carry handles. I have never seen stow-away carry handles like the ones on the Commute before, while they are very useful they are also not so comfortable. They carry handles are very simple and without any padding to ease the weight of your carry for travels. The Commute can be used as a sleeve when you stow-away the carry handles but once you want to use those handles you might question the way Everki decided to go about this feature. Once you pull out the carry handles, the two zippers on both ends will not fully close but that's when the flap comes in-between the handles to form a seal and keep your laptop securely in place. The flap just uses Velcro to lock in place. 

I would rather have my zippers fully close and have carry handles available on the outside. But this is just the design of the Commute, and it seems to work. The Commute has one large outside pocket for documents, cables and or your power brick. The insides of the Commute are lined with soft felt on both sides to help protect against scratches. The overall design of the Commute is very simple, effective and modern. The Commute sleeve is available in 10.2", 13.3", 15.5" and 17" sizes. The Commute is also available in a basic sleeve without handles for 15.5" laptops. Price $19.99 - 29.99.


Nir Schneider