iSkin Duo Case For iPad

The iSkin Duo case for the iPad is a beautifully looking high quality silicone case. The first thing you notice once you put on the Duo on your iPad is the color combination that flows so beautifully with the iPad's design. The Duo has a black front frame which fully covers the iPad's black bezel and also adds outstanding finger grip thanks to the attracting circled pattern design. The Duo also has a micro texture pattern on the back for even more grip and traction on both sides, and all this actually works to give you a good grip of your iPad. The Duo is a very slim a non bulky silicone case. Although the Duo protects your iPad all around, you might still want to look out for dropping your iPad on the ground. 

The Duo is a very unique case that is also dockable and made to work with both Apple's iPad Dock and Keyboard Dock. We all want to protect our iPad's and use a case that we don't have to take off in order to dock, and iSkin has hit it big with the Duo. All the cutouts on the Duo are cut perfectly while the power/sleep and volume bottons are covered and stay super responsive. Also, a nice little feature you will notice is that the Duo has an integrated port cover for the headphone jack which protects from dust and other particles from entering the port while it's not in use. The Duo does attract lint but very little and on most of the colors that the Duo comes in, it's almost unnoticeable.

The iSkin Duo for the iPad is really one of the best silicone cases on the market with very high quality materials and design. The only small downside to it would be a price, but I believe that once you do purchase the Duo case, you will no longer need another. The Duo is available in seven different vibrant colors. Price $49.99.

Nir Schneider