Quirky Beamer Case For iPhone 3G/S

Feeling left out since the new iPhone 4 now has built in LED flash? Well you can now get a little closer to enjoy the experience of the iPhone 4's LED flash with the Beamer case by Quirky. The Beamer case is a slider style case with a built-in LED flash that is so blinding bright, it's not even funny. The Beamer case has a very nice soft touch finish with a matte texture that also gives you a great grip. There are some downsides to this case, starting with the big side button that is used to turn on the LED flash. This button is very big and positioned right where you hold the case in your hand, making it very uncomfortable to hold. The button sticks out and is very noticeable. To turn on the LED flash, you just click the button and the LED flash will turn on for 4 seconds and then will turn off by itself. You cannot turn the LED flash off, so you will always have to wait 4 seconds until it turns itself off, which is very limiting. So basically this LED flash can be used as a flashlight as well and does a fantastic job at it. 

The Beamer case is nicely made and feels very sturdy. You have full access to your ports and buttons. The Beamer's LED flash is powered by two coin type batteries that are located inside the case and are user replaceable. The Beamer case does add bulk to your iPhone because of the built-in LED flash and batteries, but it does not add any weight and using it with your iPhone on an every day basis could get a little uncomfortable to some because of the button on the side. Because of the 4 seconds that the LED with stay on, using it as a flash isn't really going to work and instead it will act as just a very bright light. The Beamer is available is both black and purple. Price $38.


Nir Schneider