Yoobao Denim Folio for iPad

This Apple iPad folio is for all you denim lovers out there including Steve Jobs himself, although I would think he would still prefer his own Apple iPad Case instead, or maybe no case at all? This is the Yoobao Denim folio for the iPad which comes to us directly from China at a pretty good price for what it offers. The Yoobao Denim folio has a denim fabric all around the outside with a pleather trim, there isn't any padding or fabric on the inside but instead you will find some more pleather. The Yoobao Denim isn't the bulkiest of all iPad folios and it still looks pretty slim for the functionality it offers. With the Yoobao Denim folio, you are able to flip over the front flap which is held by a three small magnets to enclose the flap to the rest of the folio and slip it into the back slot (which is designed just like Apple's iPad Case), to transform into a stand for both typing and widescreen viewing angles. I found that the typing angle worked the best and was actually comfortable and very solid, however this is not the case with the upright widescreen viewing position. A flap on the inside keeps your iPad securely in place by being tucked underneath just like Apple's iPad Case.

You will need to break in the case a little before you can sit it upright on a surface for it to not want to tip over. But even after all this it could still tip over easily by pressing on the touch screen. I would only recommend this angle to view movies without having to touch the screen.  The Yoobao Denim folio has all the cutouts for your ports and buttons even while you fully close the folio for transport. You will get some minor drop protection but nothing much to expect here because there isn't any padding or shock protection. The Yoobao Denim is also available in other textures and colors with a price tag of $28. You cannot go wrong at this price. You can find yourself one by clicking the link below.


Nir Schneider