WaterField Designs Smart Case for iPhone 4 (Bumper version)

WaterField Designs's Smart Case for the iPhone 4 is one tough pouch. The Smart Case I've been sent is made to fit an iPhone 4 with a Bumper case on, but it still offers the same protection as the slimmer Smart Case which fits the naked iPhone 4. Now, right away you can feel how ultra padded the Smart Case is with it's multi-layered padding that incorporates a high-impact, rigid insert. The Smart Case is lined with very soft Ultrasuede that helps protect your iPhone even more. This case is simply designed to protect your iPhone from drops and bumps and it does a great job at it. Once your insert in your iPhone, it will stay in there until you decide you need to quickly use it. There is only one top opening that does not close but due to how snug your iPhone will fit inside, it is not a problem. You still get access to your silent/vibrate switch, power button and headphones jack. The Smart Case has a very simple design and micro square texture to it on both sides with soft leather trim on the sides. Depending on the fit you choose, the Smart Case that is made to fit the iPhone 4 with a Bumper on will be very bulky. The Bumper Smart Case version will also work great with other slim cases.

The craftsmanship is just outstanding, you will not see any visible stitching on this slip pouch. The Smart Case feels very good in the hand and this micro squared texture even adds some hold grip. All Smart Cases come with a low-profiled stretchy pocket which can be used for cards, money and even earphones. Now if you are looking for great drop protection for your iPhone, I would recommend the Smart Case pouch. There are a few choices of colors and sizes depending on if you want your Smart Case to fit your naked iPhone or iPhone 4 with a Bumper or similar slim case. Price $39.


Nir Schneider