monCarbone HoverCoat Carbon Fiber Case for iPad

Carbon fiber fans rejoice! Today l'll be reviewing monCarbone's HoverCoat glossy and matte finished carbon fiber iPad cases. The HoverCoat is made out of real carbon fiber that provides a very unique and great looking sharp look to your iPad without compromising weight or bulk. The HoverCoat is extremely lightweight and slim. It easily snaps to the back of your iPad, but I found that if you use a back skin of any kind, the HoverCoat will not be sitted on very well and will easily pull back a bit if you place your fingers right on the edge of the case. I could barely tell I had a case on my iPad while using the HoverCoat, it's so thin that I felt like I was holding my iPad without a case on. The HoverCoat does flex and it isn't super hard. Corners are cut very precise and are rounded so there are not sharp corners or edges, which is great. I should note that the HoverCoat does not cover or provide any protection to the iPad's metal bezel. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible and uncovered. There are no logos on the outside only on the inside of the case which I was very happy about.

Both the matte and glossy HoverCoat finishes look beautiful, but if you really want to show off the carbon fiber pattern, the glossy does a much better job at showing the weave better than the matte finished HoverCoat. With that said, the glossy finish scratched very easily by just placing it on a table. For this kind of price I think there should be an anti-scratch coating added to the glossy finish. The matte finish does have an anti-scratch finish that works very well. The key differences between both matte and glossy HoverCoat finishes is that the glossy attracts fingerprints, it scratches more easily and it shows off the carbon fiber weave much better. The matte finished HoverCoat has a more grippy and rough texture to it. It's a much more stealthy looking iPad cover and will appeal to different kind of users. On the back you will notice a line of perforations  at the top, this is meant for the 3G iPad model so it will not interfere with the reception. I have not noticed any signal issues on my WiFi iPad at all.

The HoverCoat looks stunning under sunlight. You can clearly see the 3D carbon fiber weave in good lighting. I really think that monCarbone did a good job on the design of the HoverCoat case for the iPad, but I would have liked to see an anti-scratch coating for the glossy model at this price. And as we all know, real carbon fiber doesn't come cheap. Price $89.99.

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Nir Schneider