PADACS Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Padacs' pocket-sized QWERTY bluetooth keyboard is a great alternative for people who love the iPad, but hate typing on the onscreen keyboard. The keyboard measures 115mm x 60mm x 7mm which makes it very pocketable and easy to carry around. The keyboard is also very light as it is made out of plastic, and because it is made out of plastic and is very light, it could feel cheap to some people. Personally, I like how light it is because it makes it very easy to carry around either in your pocket, or in a bag. The keyboard takes around 20-30 mins to charge from a flat battery and lasts for several hours of typing continuously. 

It is a very nice typing experience on the mini bluetooth keyboard, given the size. There are 5 rows altogether, the first row is numbers, the next 3 are for letters and punctuation and the last row is for the spacebar, function, shift, CTRL, ALT and delete keys. The keys are evenly spaced and raised just high enough to  provide a pleasant clicking sound when the keys are pressed.

Padacs bluetooth mini keyboard supports many devices and OS's including OS X, iOS 4, Android, PS3, Windows, WinMo 5.0 or higher and Symbian S60. And when using it with OS X, the number row can control things like brightness, volume, expose, play, pause and skip track when Function key is pressed.

In conclusion, Padacs bluetooth mini keyboard is one of the best bluetooth keyboards I have tried. mainly because just how portable it is and how it is very easy to type on. The Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is shipping to the US & Canada for $59.95. And one more thing, this review was typed on the Bluetooth Mini Keyboard, and it was great!