The Munkey Mobile Stand

The Munkey Mobile Stand is one simple stand that can attach to your car's head rest or even an airplane's tray table by using a strap, so that you can enjoy watching your videos without having to hold your mobile device for more than an hour, or whatever duration. The Munkey is made from solid lightweight anodized aluminum which is available in five colors. You can also use The Munkey stand by itself on a desk. For this review I used an iPhone 4 with a SwitchEasy Colors case on, and I'll go into why I used a case later on. This stand is limited to a landscape position only, so that means you cannot position your device upright. The viewing angle isn't adjustable but I feel that it's just right. The biggest issue I have with this stand is that it does not have any sort of rubber feet on the bottom for traction and this can also potentially scratch your surface. This is also the case with the inside of The Munkey's pegs that hold your device, there are no rubber coating and such so I would not recommend using a naked device with this stand.

With that being said, I The Munkey does a great job of securely holding your device in place using bottom and side pegs. The Munkey is compatible with all iPhone models, all iPod Touch models, Motorola Droid, HTC Hero & Imagio, BlackBerry Storm and the Zune HD. included with The Munkey stand is a nice travel carry pouch and the strap that is used for attaching. Price $29.99.

Nir Schneider