Elago S4 Breathe Case for iPhone 4

The Elago S4 Breathe case is a snap-on case for the iPhone 4 with a unique look and feel. The S4 is perforated all over the back and sides with many tiny holes which allow the glossy back of your iPhone to shine thru. The S4 has a matte soft-touch coating that provides good grip. Because of it's snap-on style design, the S4 is very easy to install and take off. I would recommend taking off the S4 case once a week in order to clean your iPhone from any dust that might be accumulating over time, you can also use compressed air. The S4's camera and flash cutouts are both circuler and do not interfere with performance at all. 

I really like the slim feeling of the S4 while it's on the iPhone and the soft-touch feel it has. If you don't like bulky cases, the S4 is a really slim profiled case that offers good scratch protection. You won't find any sharp corners or edges on the S4, it's really well made. There is a very slight lip over that screen and covers the iPhone's metal band. The top and bottom are fully opened as well as the side volume and silent switch which are very easy to get to. There is also a slight lip at the top and bottom which go beyond the iPhone, however your iPhone will still remain exposed. If you're using any skins on the back or sides of your iPhone, you will need to take them off in order to get a complete and secure fit with the S4 case. The S4 isn't the best choice for someone who usually drops their devices. The S4 Breathe is available in white, silver and black. Price $24.99. Available now for $12.


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Nir Schneider