Padacs Largo iPad Case

Padacs currently have several iPad folio cases available for purchase, and today this review focuses on their newest addition to the lineup, the Largo iPad case. This case is similar in design to the Incase convertible jacket, as both cases have a fold-back mechanism that allows the iPad to act as a stand very securely. This case is available in black and tan, and is made of synthetic leather. The front flap is secured by an elastic band, so this may either be a plus for people who are worried about using magnets, or a negative for those who would find it annoying.

The case stands by having half of the back side folding back on itself and resting on the cover side of the iPad (looking at the pictures below will be much easier). Unlike the Incase that uses grooves in the base to rest the iPad in, this case has a line of small Velcro teeth lined along the left hand side. These Velcro teeth are unnoticeable, and they work by gripping onto the soft lining that covers the base. I was slightly skeptical at how well this design would work, but it turns out that it is very stable and you can easily press the screen without moving the iPad while in stand mode. The only downside to this kind of case is that because it has to be more stable, the case will take much more space on a desk (unlike the Apple case which only has a small portion of the case on a surface). The typing mode is a decent angle, but is it not quite as sturdy as cases that uses the Apple case function. This case does add some bulk to the iPad, so when looking around for a folio case you should consider how much the thickness will affect you.

The outer layer synthetic leather feels nice and doesn’t smell like some other cases do, while the inside fabric is soft enough not to scratch your iPad. On the down side, when the case is placed down with the cover folded directly back, the inside material can attract some dust and dirt, although not to the extent of the Apple case. The iPad is slid inside from the spine side of the case, and secured by two small elastic straps that are secured with Velcro. This elastic is also what is used around the other sides of the iPad to keep it in. I found that the elastic and inner fabric takes away from the business type look of the case, and the elastic provides limited protection for the sides of your iPad. A large percentage of the iPad’s sides are exposed, so if you’re looking for a completely covered case, this might not be the one for you. On a positive, the border around the iPad leaves approximately 1cm of the iPad’s black border exposed, so for those don’t like cases that come all the way up to the screen, there’s no problems here. All ports are accessible and relatively easy to reach.

The Padacs Largo case is generally stylish looking case, with a good stand function for those movie lovers who wish to keep the iPad upright. This however comes at the price of added thickness, and you should consider whether you care about having the sides exposed. It is available for $54.95AUD from Padac’s website.