Padster Bag for iPad

Padster isn't your ordinary iPad bag, it's more than that. The Padster is custom fitted to carry your iPad as well as other documents and accessories you might need for your travels. The Padster bag is made from high quality materials that you just notice right away after first using it. The flap that covers the front of the bag is fully made of quality soft leather and it has a nice heft to it so it does not move around at all when you're on the go. The whole design is very straight to the point giving you fast and easy access to your important main compartment where your iPad is. The way the iPad is held inside the Padster is by a padded neoprene sleeve that will also fit most slim cases including the Apple iPad Case. In the interior of the Padster you will find a large zippered compartment and a few individual pockets for various items. There are also two large zippered compartments on both sides of the Padster, the front being covered by the leather flap. 

The Padster is a simple, sharp looking slim bag which goes very well with both casual and business attire. Carrying around the Padster is comfortable even though it's strap is not padded, however it all depends on the weight carried and since the Padster is made to carry your iPad with some accessories, it won't be an issue for most people including myself. The strap feels very well made and the nylon material is nice and thick, which in term provides great long term durability. The Padster's exterior are made from high quality 1680D ballistic nylon that covers most of the back side, sides and middle bottom with cotton-blend lining. A soft-milled full grain cowhide leather covers both bottom sides and of course the front flap. 

The Padster bag feels very well made and it just works flawlessly on the go. I really love the quick and easy access I have with the option to even more securely zip up my main compartment for when I don't need to access my bag often. I was able to fit my iPad with my Apple Wireless Keyboard as well has a charger and some paperwork with much more room to spare. There are no obtrusive logos on the Padster except for a pair of unnoticeable embossed written logos on both the side strap anchors. This bag is the most useful and stunningly great looking iPad bag Iv'e seen and used. Price $165.

Nir Schneider