SGP Leather Pouch Vintage Edition for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Leather Vintage Edition Pouch has got to be my most favorite leather flip style case for the iPhone 4. I've had this same exact case for the iPhone 3GS and it held fantastically well for over a year and counting, so I've got high hope for this iPhone 4 version. This leather case does not disappoint one bit, it's got great quality soft leather with a vintage look to it and it just holds up very well with use. The special thing about this vintage leather is that it shows your everyday use and scuffs easily, it's a very unique look. The name is a bit confusing because it is not a pouch really, it's a flip case with a flap that is reinforced with plastic to give you more protection for your screen when in your pocket or not in use. The iPhone 4 fits very snuggly inside and it feels very secure. 

The build quality is superb and it is fully hand made. Not only does this case look great, it offers great all around protection. The only exposed parts of your iPhone 4 are the middle side parts, however there is a nice lip on both top and bottom of the case make the iPhone recessed, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. Iv;e been using this case for quite some time now and I did not experience any issue. The flap closes very securely onto the top of the iPhone without harming it because of the soft lining it has inside, and while the flap is closed your speaker and mic are uncovered as well as your sleep/wake button and headphones jack. 

The SGP Leather Pouch has a generous cutout for the camera and flash and if that is not enough, SGP includes flash defuser rings that simply attach to the metal camera ring and greatly reduce any flash glare from entering the camera lens. You can use these rings with any other case or even without a case, and they work very well. I think that is a huge plus that SGP includes these flash defusing rings. While this case isn't much of a shock absorber, it will do great for most light drops and bumps, and of course it will protect your iPhone 4 from getting scratched. You do need to note that when you use your iPhone with the flap down, your front screen and sides will be exposed. You will need to get used to handling the case with the flap over and back, and once you do, it won't bother you so much. You can also just have the flap open without flipping it back and that also works well. You can get the SGP Leather Pouch without a logo on the front as well as in other colors and leather types. I would highly recommend SGP's Leather Pouches for the iPhone 4. Price $45.99.

Nir Schneider