WaterField Designs Trackpad Slip for Magic Trackpad

The Trackpad Slip is a sleeve for the Apple Magic Trackpad that is made from a ballistic nylon material with colored trim edge, which adds a nice touch. This is a very simple yet very effective sleeve for the Magic Trackpad. In case you did not know, the Magic Trackpad has a thin glass touch surface and the Trackpad Slip provides extra protection for when you're on the go. The fit and finish of the Trackpad Slip couldn't be any better, the Magic Trackpad fits snuggly into the Trackpad Slip and stays inside very secured. The interior is lightly padded with soft felt to keep the slimness of the sleeve to a minimum. The Trackpad Slip is relatively thin but it actually feels like it would protect your Magic Trackpad even from a fall. If you often take your Magic Trackpad along with you, I think the Trackpad Slip would be a great way to protect your Magic Trackpad. The Trackpad Slip is available in six trim colors. Price $25.


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Nir Schneider