PADACS Executive Leather and Generation iPad Case Review

Ever since the iPad was released there has been a plethora of cases on the market. Made by PADACS, the Generation iPad Case and the Executive Leather iPad Case are 2 more in the iPad case market. Both cases are in the same style as the iPad case made by Apple, i.e. like a book. Also like the Apple case, there is a flap on the back where you can bend the front of the case around to put it in either the typing mode or the display mode. A neat feature of these cases are that when you close the case, there is a magnet in the end so the top doesn’t flap around unnecessarily and stays closed. Very nice.


Both cases are made of very high quality material and that is the only difference between the cases. The Executive case is as you could guess, is made out of black leather, and it is very high quality at that. Which makes it have a very premium feel to it, and it feels great! On the other hand, the Generation iPad Case is a mix of denim and white synthetic leather. Weird mix but it works. The texture of the external part of the case is very nice and the softness and smoothness of the inside is great. Overall, both cases are very nice to hold and use. Also, all the external buttons and speakers are exposed and are really easy to get to. However, with everything, there are some issues. But, I can only find one. The issue is to do with how the case actually touches the iPad on the left hand side. In short, it doesn’t. I presume this is caused when the flap that keeps the iPad secure in the case is in, it pulls the material at the top which then causes the case to lift slightly on the left hand side. Now, it is not that catastrophic as it only lifts up from the iPad about 8mm and it went away within a week of use.

In conclusion, both of these cases are good. They are both very durable, protective and stylish. But if I had to choose which one is the best, I would have to say the Generation case. Mainly because of the denim material. For me it is a lot nicer to hold and is better feeling for me. Also, as it is not made fully out of leather, it is quite a bit lighter as well.

PADACS is now shipping all of their products to the US & Canada with free shipping within the US starting September 17th. The Executive leather case is $53.95 and the Generation case is $47.95.

PADACS Executive Leather Case PADACS Generation iPad Case