Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPhone 4

The Noreve Tradition leather flip case for the iPhone 4 looks simple on the outside but we don't judge cases by their outside looks alone. With this particular flat and smooth leather finish, the Tradition doesn't look all that interesting, and once you open it up you are greeted with black leather interior with an embossed Noreve pattern, which adds a lot of detail to the case. The Tradition flip case is very tight fitting and securely holds your iPhone 4 in place while letting you have full and easy access to all your buttons, speaker and mic. This case features a clip that can be optionally added by you to the back by simply changing the screw hole cover with the clip mounting screw and sliding on the clip. I really like how Noreve covered the mounting on the back with a low-profile rounded screw cover. It doesn't feel like it would scratch any surface and I could barely notice it.

The Tradition flip case feels very nice in the hand because the flap completely sits flush on the back when flipped over. You really don't get bothered by it because of how nicely it fits on the back and in your hand. The quality of the Tradition's finish is not great and does need to be a bit higher, however it is nothing that stands out. Iv'e gotten a few straight stares right at this case when I was using it in public, the color and style really attracts peoples attention because it isn't a case you see everyday. 

The overall thickness of the Tradition flip case when closed isn't bulky at all and would easily fit nicely into pockets. The flap snugly attaches onto the top of the iPhone's metal band and stays on secured. There is an issue with the cutout for the flash that will bounce the orange color of the case right into the image. If you don't use flash, images won't be affected. The Tradition leather flip case doesn't provide a good amount of shock protection but it will protect your iPhone 4 from scratches and daily use in style. You can get the Tradition flip case in various leather textures and colors. Price $55.

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Nir Schneider