The Top 10 Best Girly Cases for iPhone 4

The Top 10 Best Girly Cases for iPhone 4

With Valentine's Day fast approching I thought it would be a good time to show some love to all the iPhone 4 female users out there with a few cases that are worth getting in girly colors. And when I say girly colors, the first thing that pops into my head is the color pink. Now I don't know many guys who would rock a pink colored case but I'll play it safe and use the color pink as the main color of choice this time. Since we rarely review cases specifically for the female crowd, I thought it would be nice to pick out and concentrate them all in this guide to help you pick out a case. Here are the top 10 best cases dressed in pink after the break.

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Tiger Design Blade Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumper Case Review

The Blade comes to us from Tiger Design in Korea and it's a CNC machined aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 4 unlike any other case you've seen before. The Blade has the most futuristic like weaponry look to it that I've seen out of a lot of cases out there. It's one of those cases that will make others wow at first glance. Not only does the Blade look pretty damn awesome but it feels like you're holding some Transformer's iPhone 4. Read more to find out how the Blade performs in the full review after the cut!

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XcelCase Aluminum iPhone 4 Case Review

There are a slew of Aluminum case made for the iPhone 4 popping out from all directions but most of them are made as aluminum bumpers. XcelCase has designed their aluminum case a bit differently in the direction of a slider type of a case for the iPhone 4. With the XcelCase you've got full back protection just as you would with a regular plastic and silicone cases. Worried about signal loss? Read on for the full review!

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Case-Mate Hula iPhone 4 Case

Case-Mate constantly puts out great cases out to the case market for Apple devices, and the Hula case for the iPhone 4 is yet another great case. If you're a fan of bumper style cases for the iPhone 4 then you will love the Hula case. It offers protection only around the metal band, very similar to an Apple Bumper but with one big difference in that the Hula shows off the iPhone 4's metal band thru the clear TPR plastic. The Hula incorporate a middle clear TRP plastic material with very grippy rubber outline edge. The design is very sleek looking with the colored outlines that look really nice. The rubber edging provides the slightest lip over the front and back for a very minimal lay-on-the-table design, nothing like the Apple Bumper but still sufficient. 

The Hula's port cutouts are perfectly cut and centered with covered volume and sleep/wake buttons that are very responsive and easy to push. I love how the Hula's buttons are raised up which makes finding your buttons and pushing on them easy. Getting to your silent switch is easy as well and you don't need to dig your finger nail inside. While the Hula is compatible and won't lift up any of your front and back shields, it will if you do not have them installed correctly and centered. The back of my iPhone 4 has a matte PhantomSkinz skin on that I did not center correctly and the Hula lift it up a bit at the top right corner. 

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Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPhone 4

The Noreve Tradition leather flip case for the iPhone 4 looks simple on the outside but we don't judge cases by their outside looks alone. With this particular flat and smooth leather finish, the Tradition doesn't look all that interesting, and once you open it up you are greeted with black leather interior with an embossed Noreve pattern, which adds a lot of detail to the case. The Tradition flip case is very tight fitting and securely holds your iPhone 4 in place while letting you have full and easy access to all your buttons, speaker and mic. This case features a clip that can be optionally added by you to the back by simply changing the screw hole cover with the clip mounting screw and sliding on the clip. I really like how Noreve covered the mounting on the back with a low-profile rounded screw cover. It doesn't feel like it would scratch any surface and I could barely notice it.

The Tradition flip case feels very nice in the hand because the flap completely sits flush on the back when flipped over. You really don't get bothered by it because of how nicely it fits on the back and in your hand. The quality of the Tradition's finish is not great and does need to be a bit higher, however it is nothing that stands out. Iv'e gotten a few straight stares right at this case when I was using it in public, the color and style really attracts peoples attention because it isn't a case you see everyday. 

The overall thickness of the Tradition flip case when closed isn't bulky at all and would easily fit nicely into pockets. The flap snugly attaches onto the top of the iPhone's metal band and stays on secured. There is an issue with the cutout for the flash that will bounce the orange color of the case right into the image. If you don't use flash, images won't be affected. The Tradition leather flip case doesn't provide a good amount of shock protection but it will protect your iPhone 4 from scratches and daily use in style. You can get the Tradition flip case in various leather textures and colors. Price $55.

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Speck CandyShell for iPhone 4

The Speck CandyShell is one of the best hybrid cases on the market for iPhone 4. Speck's award-winning design is what really make this case a must have in my opinion. The CandyShell has a hard outer shell with a soft "gummy" type of material for the interior. It offers protection for the best of both worlds! It also comes in a wide variety of colors. Watch my video review for a more detailed look at the Purple CandyShell then you can head on over to the Speck Products website or your local AT&T store to purchase one for yourself for $34.95.