XcelCase Aluminum iPhone 4 Case Review

There are a slew of Aluminum case made for the iPhone 4 popping out from all directions but most of them are made as aluminum bumpers. XcelCase has designed their aluminum case a bit differently in the direction of a slider type of a case for the iPhone 4. With the XcelCase you've got full back protection just as you would with a regular plastic and silicone cases. Worried about signal loss? Read on for the full review!

Out of the packaging you will find two extra hex screws and a hex tool that you will need to use in order to install the XcelCase on your iPhone 4. XcelCase did a great job at padding the insides of the XcelCase case with two cork inserts that help protect the back side of your iPhone 4 as well as absorbing some shock.

The XcelCase is CNC machines from a block of aircraft grade aluminum while the bottom black portion of the case is made from a ballistic plastic. Even though the XcelCase is made mostly from aluminum and a plastic bottom, the design isn't affected by the two different materials in any way. You cannot tell the difference between the two. 

The iPhone 4 slides into the XcelCase very smoothly and it's a snug fit. There is not contact with the screen so this way the XcelCase does not bubble up your screen protectors. If you have a back protector I would recommend taking it off before inserting your iPhone 4 into the XcelCase just because it's a snug fit to start out with. Once you've got your iPhone 4 inside the XcelCase, all you need to do is slide on the bottom ballistic plastic portion and secure the two parts with the hex screws. The two parts connect very well and without any gaps in between them. 

The XcelCase is a beautifully crafted aluminum slider case. It's looks stand out even more with XcelCase's other color combinations including some really cool gradient effects. The fit and finish couldn't be any better. The back side of the XcelCase feels smooth as glass so you don't get any grip on that end but what does give you grip are the concave sides which give your fingers a good comfortable grip. 

I found no issues with all the XcelCase's cutouts and all the iPhone 4's buttons are easy to get to and press. The back camera and LED flash cutout is perfectly cut and I've has no issues using the camera with the LED flash. The top headphones port cutout is generously wide enough to fit most 3.5mm plugs unlike other aluminum cases where the cutout can only fit slim 3.5mm plugs. 

I absolutely did not find the XcelCase to degrade the iPhone 4's signal in anyway. This is of course because the XcelCase uses plastic surrounding the bottom antenna portion and not aluminum. This way you've got the good looks and feeling of an aluminum case without any drop in signal strength. It's a win win. 

I'm loving the XcelCase as a slider case for the iPhone 4 and would definitely recommend it to anyone who seeks this certain style of case for their iPhone 4. The XcelCase's only downside is that it's pricy at $99 although it is manufactured in the U.S.A which is fantastic but pricy. You can pick up the XcelCase in nine different color variations. Price $99.