JBL On Time Micro Speaker & Clock Dock

This little dock has it all to keep your bedside rocking during the day and early in the morning. What the JBL On Time Micro is really meant for is to be a bedside or office speaker dock for your iPhone, iPod or even your laptop. The two main features on the On Time Micro is the clock function and of course the audio speaker dock. It's got a decent sized blue backlit display and blue backlit function buttons that look good and can be set to turn off after a few seconds of inactivity. Catch the full review after the break!

The JBL On Time Micro does a decent job at all it's functions like radio, clock, speakers and alarm. The alarm feature works very well and will start from the lowest volume and will gradually increase every few seconds that you don't push the snooze button. For the alarm you are able to pick a few sources to wake you up like your music library on your iPod, AM or FM radio or just a regular stock tone. You can customize the days and set numerous alarms. I think the alarm and clock feature on the Micro On Time work really well. 

The clock displays digitally in blue and is easy to read with the name of the current day. The only thing you cannot add to the clock display is the current month and date. Included with the JBL On Time Micro dock is a compact remote control that has all the button function found on the dock itself and it works very well at a distance. 

Around the back you will find an FM/AM antenna port which you will need to connect the supplied antenna cable in order for the radio to work and an AUX input which you can use to hook up your laptop in order to use the On Time Micro as a speaker. 

I had no issues using the iPhone 4 with the On Time Micro dock, and everything ran smoothly from charging to gaining full control over the iPhone's music playback settings using the included remote control to adjust volume, switch tracks, albums and more. The supplied dock adapter that comes with the On Time Micro dock fits the iPhone 4 just right, but cannot accommodate protective cases. You can of course use your iPhone or iPod with a case on by removing the dock adapter piece and most cases should fit. 

The sounds quality on the JBL On Time Micro sounds very clear at low and high volume using every music genre. It sounds as if the the treble was set to high so vocals sound really clear for this small sized audio dock. The mids and lows are not all that impressive but that is obvious with small sized audio docks. The bass is there but it isn't anything that will make your music sound any better. The On Time Micro's mids are not very detailed but sufficient for the tasks it was made for. If you're not looking for impressive sound quality then the JBL On Time Micro will definitely be a good fit for your needs. The On Time Micro maintains it's clear sound quality at high volumes which can fill a large room. The price is high at $199, however you can find the JBL On Time Micro for less on Amazon. 


Nir Schneider