iSkin Solo FX Case for iPhone 4

If you loved the iSkin Solo for the iPhone 4 then you're gonna love the new iSkin Solo FX case for the iPhone 4 even more. Made out of a flexible TPU material, the Solo FX adds even more style and protection for the iPhone 4 with it's circular pattern design and even more frontal screen protection. The Solo FX is essentially the same as the Solo case with a few changes here and there. One noticeable difference in the new Solo FX is it's top opening. Read on to to find out how well the new Solo FX performs.

iSkin's Solo FX case for the iPhone 4 is a big improvement over the Solo case. The front screen is now much more protected with the home button being covered as well the top part of the ear piece. You could say the Solo FX for the iPhone 4 is now a TPU version of iSkin's tough silicone Revo4 case. The Solo FX has a semi-transparent color so that your iPhone 4's Apple logo clearly shines thru. The material has a shiny look at the front and on the back it becomes a mixture of shiny circular patters and a matte background. This creates the unique look and feel of the iSkin Solo FX case. 

The Solo FX is relatively a slim case and will provide a good amount of protection against scratches and light bumps. iSkin decided to take a risky move and cut off the top of the Solo FX and make it the entrance point for the iPhone 4 so slide into the case. It kinda of a bittersweet feature because the top opening works great and it couldn't be any simpler to slide your iPhone 4 in and out of the case but in case you drop your iPhone 4 top first onto the ground it will turn out to be a sad day for you and your iPhone 4. The top part of the iPhone 4 is recessed inside of the Solo FX and light bumps most likely will do no harm. 

Because of how the top opening on the Solo FX is designed, it's extremely easy to get to your sleep/wake button and headphone port. On the back iSkin did a superb job in the camera cutout by blackening the rim of the cutout and this does not cause any interference with the LED flash and taking photos at night. 

The Solo FX feels great in the hand while adding a bit more grip. Both the volume and home buttons are very easy to press and have a nice feedback as well. The bottom mic, speaker and dock port cutout are all precisely cut. Even though iSkin sent out their Solo FX case in the color pink, it did not stop me from going out and using my iPhone 4 in public for all to see. I really do love this case and even the girly pink color didn't stop me from using it. Overall I cannot see a real issue about the Solo FX other than it's special top opening design which may affect the opinions of others but it will not stop me from rocking it out. The iSkin Solo FX is available in five candylicious colors for $34.99.