Case-Mate Hula iPhone 4 Case

Case-Mate constantly puts out great cases out to the case market for Apple devices, and the Hula case for the iPhone 4 is yet another great case. If you're a fan of bumper style cases for the iPhone 4 then you will love the Hula case. It offers protection only around the metal band, very similar to an Apple Bumper but with one big difference in that the Hula shows off the iPhone 4's metal band thru the clear TPR plastic. The Hula incorporate a middle clear TRP plastic material with very grippy rubber outline edge. The design is very sleek looking with the colored outlines that look really nice. The rubber edging provides the slightest lip over the front and back for a very minimal lay-on-the-table design, nothing like the Apple Bumper but still sufficient. 

The Hula's port cutouts are perfectly cut and centered with covered volume and sleep/wake buttons that are very responsive and easy to push. I love how the Hula's buttons are raised up which makes finding your buttons and pushing on them easy. Getting to your silent switch is easy as well and you don't need to dig your finger nail inside. While the Hula is compatible and won't lift up any of your front and back shields, it will if you do not have them installed correctly and centered. The back of my iPhone 4 has a matte PhantomSkinz skin on that I did not center correctly and the Hula lift it up a bit at the top right corner. 

Because of the Hula's clear TPR plastic middle, you will find that after a few days of use there will be some dust and small particles trapped underneath and show thru, so I would suggest taking off the Hula to clean it once a week. The Hula is very easy to put on the iPhone 4 and stays on tightly in place without moving. The fantastic thing about the Hula is that it comes with front and back film protection which just makes it all that better. You do get some good shock and scratch protection around your iPhone 4's metal band and front and back film protectors. You're getting the most out of your money with the Hula, not to mention it looks good and it perform just as well.

No need to worry about adding bulk to your iPhone 4 because the Hula is just about the slimmest bumper style case around, slimmer than the Apple Bumper. I did find that because of how the silicone/rubber is very grippy, it might not be the easiest on jeans pockets however it's still worth trying out for yourself.

I think I found my Apple Bumper replacement. The Hula is available in a huge color variety of nine colors. Price $19.99.

Nir Schneider