Power Support Protective Films for iPad Review

If you’ve ever purchased a protective film for an Apple device, chances are you’ve heard of Power Support. The United States based company has well respected screen protector products available for iPhones and iPods, and they’ve transferred all the awesomeness of their previous products into their protective films for the iPad. Like past products, there are two types available, the clear ‘Crystal Film’ and the Anti-Glare Film. For the majority of iPad owners, the anti-glare should be the more appealing option, as anti-glare protective films have certain qualities that are superior to clear films. Both films have the same properties as films of the same type from other companies, but it’s the quality of each property that is most important in choosing a protective film.

For those who aren’t familiar with anti-glare films, their main appeal lies in the reduction of glare, reduction of fingerprints, protection from scratches and dust, and the matte finish of the surface. So how does the Power Support film perform? First off, let me tell you that I had one of the easiest installations in a long time with this film. It only took a couple of minutes, and the result was absolutely no dust or air bubbles underneath the screen, and pretty much perfectly lined up. The film went on easily, bubbles were easily eliminated, and the single dust speck that stayed under was swiftly and easily removed using the cello tape method described by Power Support. The film is precision cut, and I found it to be a very appropriate size, not too big so that it leaves absolutely no room for error, but not too small that it compromises in protection.

The first thing you’ll notice is, like almost every other anti-glare protective film available, the film slightly compromises the screen clarity, adding a distinct slightly ‘fuzzy’ look to the screen. In my opinion, this is not really an issue and is far outweighed by the benefits of an anti-glare film. The only situation I find this a deal breaker is in the new iPhone and iPod touch products, because the retina display would be fuzzed out. The matte finish of the film is smooth, although it does feel a tad bit ‘rougher’ than my previous anti-glare film. However, that doesn’t mean to say that it is bad. It still feels very nice, and it feels like a tough surface. Protection wise, it is by far the best screen protector I have used to date. After a full week of testing, I still can’t see any visible scratches on the surface. This is partly due to my very careful nature in handling my iPad, but even then, I usually have a couple of wear and tear scratches by now. If screen protection is what you’re looking for, this one does a very nice job. It also reduces fingerprints to a great extent, and I find that I only need to give it a quick wipe with my microfiber cloth to get it looking brand new again. And let’s not forget the anti-glare property. It does help reduce glare to a good extent, although nothing will ever really help if you’re sitting with the sun directly on the screen.

The Crystal Film for iPad will be of less interest to iPad owners, due to the fact that such a large screen space is much better suited to an anti-glare film. However, if you’re the type that loves clear films and don’t want to compromise on the screen clarity, then this might just be for you. Application and removable of bubbles was just as easy as the anti-glare film, so experienced appliers should be able to do it without a hitch. If you’re a rookie at it though, don’t worry, both films are very easy to remove and re-apply (just don’t get dust on the application side). As the name suggests, this screen protector looks crystal clear. It won’t reduce screen clarity at all, and as long as you avoid getting bubbles, it will look virtually invisible. Although this one doesn’t have a matte finish like the anti-glare, it still has a very nice tactile feel to it, but fingerprints will show to a larger extent. It also did fairly well at reducing the scratches from everyday use.

The only real downside I can see with these products was that they didn’t come with a protective layer over the film (there’s only the layer that covers the sticky side of the film). As a consequence, my films did have a few little marks on them, but these all came off with a bit of scrubbing with a damp cloth. This shouldn’t affect the product, but just something that I found was missing compared to most other products out there.

If you’re looking for a protective film for your iPad, Power Support should be one of your top choices. The only decision you will have to make is whether you’re willing to part with $24.99 for just one film, without any extras such as cloths or a squeegee. If the premium price doesn’t deter you, then this is a must have product for your iPad. You should make an informed decision whether an anti-glare or crystal film better suits your needs. Overall, an excellent product that deserves high praises.


Anti-Glare Film

 Crystal Film