SwitchEasy CapsuleRebelX Case for iPhone 4S Review

Not enough good things can be said about SwitchEasy and its innovative thinking for making iPhone cases vastly different from others. SwitchEasy has been pumping out cases like never before, and we've got our hands on one of its latest and most known cases of all, the CapsuleRebelX. Notoriously known for its hybrid design combining hard with flexible, SwitchEasy's CapsuleRebel series has just been upgraded with a new face. But we aren't just expected a new design, we're expected improvements out of the CapsuleRebelX case. Has SwitchEasy listened to our review of the CapsuleRebel case for the iPhone 4 and many of its customers? We find out right after that break!

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Pinlo Xyber Pro 2 Case for iPad 2 Review

Pinlo's Xyber Pro 2 case for the iPad 2 is the second generation of the Xyber Pro case for the original iPad brining much needed improvements over its predecessor. In the sea of Smart Cover compatible cases, the Xyber Pro 2 isn't one of them. Those who don't use Apple's Smart Cover will find the Xyber Pro 2 case for the iPad 2 to be a surprisingly well put together case. The Xyber Pro 2 remains a triple structure combination of materials and layers offering a good amount of protection to the iPad 2. For the full review, jump after the break.

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Pinlo United Aluminum Hybrid Bumper Case for iPhone 4

Finally we get our hands on Pinlo's newest creation, the United bumper. It's a two-piece hybrid type of aluminum bumper case for the Verizion and AT&T iPhone 4 that doesn't use any screws and tools to get it on your iPhone 4. Simple yet very interesting looking. The United take on Pinlo's way of making very slim and thin iPhone 4 cases and it's the slimmest and lightest hybrid aluminum iPhone 4 bumper case I've ever tried. A hybrid aluminum bumper means one thing, better reception. Is that the case with the United? Find out in the full review right after the cut.

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iSkin Solo Vu Case for iPhone 4

The next installment to iSkin's new line of cases for the iPhone 4 is the Solo Vu case. You can call it a hybrid case because it mixes in hard polycarbonate with flexible TPU materials to provide you with just a little more protection than the iSkin Solo FX for the iPhone 4. Both the Solo Vu and the Solo FX are similar except for a few upgrades on the Solo Vu's part. Catch the full review after the break.

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SwitchEasy TRIM Case for iPhone 4

The SwitchEasy TRIM case for iPhone 4 is one pretty unique case, nothing too surprising coming from SwitchEasy that is known for their very unique case designs. The TRIM does no disappoint in both it's design and quality. Of course some may not fancy the TRIM's look and feel but I can assure you that it is a great protective case for the iPhone 4. You can say that the TRIM is a bit of a hybrid case because it is made out of two different materials, a semi-transparent hard polycarbonate plastic back and a semi-soft frame which feels like a TPU material but I'm not sure. 

This semi-soft frame feels a bit like glossy rubber and because of how it's designed (which reminds me of an accordion) it provides you with excellent grip. Your fingers have such good grip because they get in between the grooves on the sides which may be a bit sharp to those who are very sensitive, but nothing to worry about really. These grooves also provide excellent shock and bump protection to your iPhone 4. 

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Case-Mate Tough Case for iPhone 4

Iv'e always been a big fan of Case-Mate's Hybrid Tough cases for the iPhone, and now we have the popular Tough case for the iPhone 4. The Tough case does not disappoint in it's tough name, this is one tough case for the iPhone 4. The Tough case is a two part hybrid case that consists of a hard ABS plastic shell and a soft thin silicone skin to absorb shock. With these two materials combined, you get some awesome protection from drops and bumps. You would think that this case would add a lot of bulk to your iPhone but it really does not. Because of the thin silicone layer, the Tough case is about 1/2 of an inch thick and you really get a pretty non-bulky case that provides some great protection. Installation is so easy that it will take you a few seconds to put on the Tough case on your iPhone 4. And once it's on, you immediately feel that extra tough protection and security that was just added to your iPhone.

Not only does the Tough case pack some serious protection, it looks pretty futuristic with it's back pattern. You will notice that it has this texture on the hard ABD plastic shell, which provides outstanding grip. This matte hard shell also feels very smooth and soft to the touch. There is a very nice lip on the the screen from the silicone rim which provides a great lay-on-the-table design. Ports are all easily accessible. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered by the silicone layer and are very responsive. The camera cutout is nicely cut and does not affect the flash. The bottom part of the Tough case is also nicely cut to easily fit 3rd party sync connectors.

You can use any back skin or decal with the Tough case without any issues. The back of the Tough case does not attract any lint but the silicone parts can attract some. The only issue I came across was that the bottom piece of the silicone under the home button is a bit flimsy, and that's because of the thinness of the silicone layer. However this should not affect your everyday use. Case-Mate includes a decent clear screen protector which is a nice addition to have especially when you don'y already have one. I would highly recommend the Tough case. Available in black, gray and white. Price $34.99.


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Speck CandyShell for iPhone 4

The Speck CandyShell is one of the best hybrid cases on the market for iPhone 4. Speck's award-winning design is what really make this case a must have in my opinion. The CandyShell has a hard outer shell with a soft "gummy" type of material for the interior. It offers protection for the best of both worlds! It also comes in a wide variety of colors. Watch my video review for a more detailed look at the Purple CandyShell then you can head on over to the Speck Products website or your local AT&T store to purchase one for yourself for $34.95.