Pinlo Xyber Pro 2 Case for iPad 2 Review

Pinlo's Xyber Pro 2 case for the iPad 2 is the second generation of the Xyber Pro case for the original iPad brining much needed improvements over its predecessor. In the sea of Smart Cover compatible cases, the Xyber Pro 2 isn't one of them. Those who don't use Apple's Smart Cover will find the Xyber Pro 2 case for the iPad 2 to be a surprisingly well put together case. The Xyber Pro 2 remains a triple structure combination of materials and layers offering a good amount of protection to the iPad 2. For the full review, jump after the break.

Pinlo has sent over their clear version of the Xyber Pro 2 case out of the black and blue color offerings available. This case will run you $39.95 and comes with a front clear screen protector and 2 home button covers. The Xyber Pro 2 is a two-piece case made of the Xyber X Crystal Plastic Shell that is a hard yet semi-flexible polycarbonate X brace that clips to the back of the iPad 2 and adds the first layer of protection. Each corner has a silicone layer to protect your iPad 2 from scratches and adds little shock protection. While you can use your iPad 2 with just the Xyber X Crystal Plastic Shell, I would not recommend it. The Xyber Pro 2 is a really thought out case that also lets you use the transparent TPU outer case as a front screen protection while having the back of your iPad 2 decently protected against scratches. 

Once you've got the X plastic clipped to the back of your iPad 2, the rest of the Xyber Pro 2 easily slips on with little to no effort. I don't always use my Smart Cover with my iPad 2 because it gets in the way when I want some hands-on time with my iPad so the Xyber Pro 2 case really fits the bill. It adds very little bulk and keeps the slim feeling of the iPad 2 as much as possible for a comfortable handling. The front screen of the iPad 2 is protected by the case's raised edge that provides a good amount of lay-on-the-table design. You can also see the home button cover that comes with the Xyber Pro 2 case which adds a nice convex button feel with great tactile feedback. A nice little addition. The sides of the case overlapping on the iPad 2's bezel will flex a little outwards if you place one of your fingers on top. Something to take note of if you're bothered by the little things.

I really love the honeycomb pattern showcasing the back of the iPad 2. The X and honeycomb designs are nothing new in cases but the Xyber Pro 2 combines both in one case for a unique distinctive look. Even the speaker cutouts have their own design and are not cut out in a boring way. I've had no issues with the sound passing thru the speaker cutouts. The dock connector and headphone ports are covered and protected by the built-in plugs that keep your connectors clean and safe. I love the small details that are put into this case. 

Cutouts are all perfect here and buttons are easy to press and remain tactile. The cutout for the headphone port is wide enough to fit almost any type of 3.5mm jack. Pinlo did an awesome job thinking almost everything thru.

Each corner of the iPad 2 is extra protected like a rear and front bumper on a car. The honeycomb pattern acts as an impact absorbing material. However, because the Xyber Pro 2 is mostly made out of a TPU material, is will not protect your iPad 2 against drops and shock as much as a silicone made case would. Keep in mind that the Xyber Pro 2 is a good protective case and while it does offers two forms of protection, it probably won't be the ideal choice if you're looking for a drop protective case.

The Xyber Pro 2 case offers a unique and interesting look while adding a good amount of protection to the iPad 2. The slim profile makes using the iPad 2 a comfortable and familiar feel without the unnecessary bulk. I think for $39.95 your money is well spent going with the Xyber Pro 2 case. It's solid protective case.