Pinlo United Aluminum Hybrid Bumper Case for iPhone 4

Finally we get our hands on Pinlo's newest creation, the United bumper. It's a two-piece hybrid type of aluminum bumper case for the Verizion and AT&T iPhone 4 that doesn't use any screws and tools to get it on your iPhone 4. Simple yet very interesting looking. The United take on Pinlo's way of making very slim and thin iPhone 4 cases and it's the slimmest and lightest hybrid aluminum iPhone 4 bumper case I've ever tried. A hybrid aluminum bumper means one thing, better reception. Is that the case with the United? Find out in the full review right after the cut.

The United's two-piece design makes installing it on the iPhone 4 a matter of a few snaps here an there and you're ready to go. The United comes with one additional front frame plastic piece in addition to the clear in your choice of silver chrome or black chrome, both compliment the United's aluminum colored finishes. Pinlo sent us out the black and red United bumpers with silver chrome frames. I must say I really like the look with the clear front frame on the iPhone 4. The United is so lightweight and thin that it feels not as sturdy and solid as an all-aluminum bumper case yet once it's on the iPhone 4 it feels solid. 

The United is cleverly designed so that your iPhone 4 never comes in contact with the aluminum part of the United bumper case. The iPhone 4 is suspending in the middle of the United bumper case and only makes contact with the front plastic frame. For protection, Pinlo has added a rubber inlay surrounding around in the aluminum frame where the iPhone 4 lays. Because of how the iPhone 4 is suspended inside the United bumper case, I've noticed dust and small debris getting trapped in between the iPhone 4 and the gap between the two frame surrounding the iPhone 4. However, the font frame sits completely flush on top of the iPhone 4's glass while the back side of the aluminum frame creates a gap caused by the rubber inlay. You will find yourself having to clean it at least once a week. A good thing is that front and back clear protectors are included for scratch protection.

Around the back side of the United bumper case you will see the natural polished trimmed aluminum edge accent on the inside and that gives a nice contrast between the two colors. The cutouts for the buttons and dock connector port also have the same trimmed edging. You will find the port cutouts to be too small to allows any 3rd party accessories while the buttons are easy to access.

The United will run you $32.95, which is not a bad deal considering it's partly aluminum and comes with an extra colored frame so that you can change up the look each time. The fit and finish are perfect and the United feels comfortable to hold, although it doesn't add any grip. Its well rounded corners and edges make holding your iPhone 4 in your hand comfortable. The very slim form factor is a much desired characteristic in aluminum bumper cases.

Finally we reach the performance of the hybrid aluminum bumper case that is the United. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the United will not affect your signal strength. The hybrid design, thin aluminum construction and zero metal to metal contact has proven to be successful. 

All in all I think the United offers a great bang for you buck at $32.95. Consider the very few downsides of this bumper case and I think you will find it to be one great aluminum hybrid bumper case that will provide you with moderate protection for your iPhone 4.