SwitchEasy CapsuleRebelX Case for iPhone 4S Review

Not enough good things can be said about SwitchEasy and its innovative thinking for making iPhone cases vastly different from others. SwitchEasy has been pumping out cases like never before, and we've got our hands on one of its latest and most known cases of all, the CapsuleRebelX. Notoriously known for its hybrid design combining hard with flexible, SwitchEasy's CapsuleRebel series has just been upgraded with a new face. But we aren't just expected a new design, we're expected improvements out of the CapsuleRebelX case. Has SwitchEasy listened to our review of the CapsuleRebel case for the iPhone 4 and many of its customers? We find out right after that break!

Out of the box, the CapsuleRebelX will include all the necessary goodies you'd expect coming from SwitchEasy like two decent clear screen protectors that exhibit the infamous "rainbowing effect", double of each dock connector and headphone port dust plugs in case you lose which you most definitely will very quickly. Two universal dock adapters that let you use your iPhone with almost any compatible dock without having to take your CapsuleRebelX case off, and last but not least a nifty little video stand lets you put your iPhone in a landscape viewing angle inside the case. Everything but the kitchen sink as SwitchEasy always says. And what's so incredible is that the CapsuleRebelX will run you $27.99. 

Did I mention the most obvious elephant in the room? The CapsuleRebelX can be had in more wacky color combinations than ever before. Looks like SwitchEasy had some fun coming up with all of these color combinations, 7 to be exact, and were more than kind to send us all 7 to fiddle around with. You can choose from the more muted colors if you want to take it easy, like that's even possible with such a case as this one, or opt for the more furiously eye catching colors like the ones above. Cops would never mistaken you for pulling a gun out of your pants pocket. Just saying.

While SwitchEasy calls this particular colored CapsuleRebelX the LimexPurple, I can't help but think this should have been Marvel's official Green Goblin iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case because of the exact color scheme and wild design. In some ways I think of this as a more childish case mostly because of the colors used and not as tough looking as the CapsuleRebel. Of course going with the more solid colors will greatly change the appearance and won't make you look like you just took some kids' iPhone.

So onto the good stuff. The CapsuleRebelX is made to fit both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and is primarily made out of the same materials as past generations. That 'X' frame is whats called the UltraFrame, it's a tough and durable hard shell frame made to add a level of strong protection against hard impacts while the more soft and flexible ADSP material that feels much like TPU, however it's a lot more durable in resisting discoloration and every day use and has a grainy texture to it that keeps lint and dust from attracting to the case. There's nothing new here that we haven't seen and felt with the CapsuleRebel. Yes, unfortunately grip hasn't improved since last and the CapsuleRebelX does have that slick feeling to it. It's not a deal breaker though as the CapsuleRebelX does feel good in the hand and will have no trouble gliding its way out of your skinny jeans.

Despite the dual-layer construction and textured back, the CapsuleRebelX manages to feel slim in the hand and not what you would call a bulky case while still offering a good amount of protection. I would have liked to see a more shock absorbing material used like rubber silicone instead of a firmer TPU-like material instead. With that being said, the ADSP material which covers your iPhone helps reduce any bottom "sagging" issues around the thin piece just above the dock connector port.

I'm pleased to say that SwitchEasy has greatly improved upon the CapsuleRebel with the new CapsuleRebelX. The new 'X' UltraFrame is now more malleable and snaps on and off with greater ease leaving your fingernails intact. One more thing that should be pointed out is that now the CapsuleRebelX sits flat and stable on a table without wobbling side to side. Two key concerns we had with the CapsuleRebel, fixed with the new UltraFrame design on the CapsuleRebelX.

What has been so much fun with SwitchEasy's CapsuleRebel series was the unique design that let people mix and match different colors if you had more than one case. And as you can see, not even a minute after opening up one CapsuleRebelX, I made up my own personal color tones that I thought looked best together. I wouldn't agree with SwitchEasy's personal taste in color combinations, but it's nice to see that one could easily make their own unique color scheme with of course the use of more than once case. It's unfortunate that SwitchEasy no longer sells individual UltraFrame pieces for people to spend less yet have the customization power. 

The only con I see with the new CapsuleRebelX is its recessed camera cutout. Even though each of the UltraFrame colors have a black outlined camera cutout, your images will sadly be washed-out if you use the LED flash at night no matter which color you choose.

Other than that hiccup, all buttons are kept covered and protected and have tactile feedback when easily pressed. Cutouts for the bottom dock connector and top headphone port allow only slimmed down plugs.

Taking a look at the front of the CapsuleRebelX we see that not only the back of the case looks interesting but the front as well. The mix of colors can be seen from every angle. As with every SwitchEasy case, the CapsuleRebelX proved a decent lip overlay that keeps the glass screen somewhat protected should you want to lay your iPhone face down on a table. 

This is the case for you if you feel like being different from the rest while not spending too much and enjoying all the great benefits of a great case with great extras and with little to no flaws. $27.99 isn't asking much these days for a solid protective case such as this. And if you like what you see, then nothing comes close to the CapsuleRebelX.