SwitchEasy TRIM Case for iPhone 4

The SwitchEasy TRIM case for iPhone 4 is one pretty unique case, nothing too surprising coming from SwitchEasy that is known for their very unique case designs. The TRIM does no disappoint in both it's design and quality. Of course some may not fancy the TRIM's look and feel but I can assure you that it is a great protective case for the iPhone 4. You can say that the TRIM is a bit of a hybrid case because it is made out of two different materials, a semi-transparent hard polycarbonate plastic back and a semi-soft frame which feels like a TPU material but I'm not sure. 

This semi-soft frame feels a bit like glossy rubber and because of how it's designed (which reminds me of an accordion) it provides you with excellent grip. Your fingers have such good grip because they get in between the grooves on the sides which may be a bit sharp to those who are very sensitive, but nothing to worry about really. These grooves also provide excellent shock and bump protection to your iPhone 4.  

The semi-soft frame of the TRIM acts a bit like a Bumper case because it provides a decent amount of lay-on-the-table design on both sides of your iPhone 4. The TRIM has a semi-transparent hard back that has this frosty finish to it so that no watermarks show thru at all and it also helps against fingerprints from showing. The nice thing I found that I really loved was that even though the hard plastic back is slippery, it is recessed by the semi-soft frame that provides a bit of a lip so that it also gives you a good grip on a table. Iv'e had no issues slipping my iPhone 4 into my pocket and out. The combinations of the two materials on the TRIM really do help with friction as well as keeping dust and lint from sticking onto the case.

Buttons and ports are easily accessible except for the silent switch being a bit recessed and requires some digging around. Both the volume and sleep/wake buttons are very responsive to every click.

The fit of the TRIM is just bang on perfect, it fits really snug on the iPhone 4 without moving around and sagging. Installing it and removing it from the iPhone 4 does not take any effort, it just snaps right on without you having to worry about something getting scratched. 

There are no camera flash issues at night, seems that SwitchEasy thought about everything. With every SwitchEasy case, you get a big amount of accessories and with the TRIM it's no exception. Included are two white and black dock adapters that are made to fir the TRIM so you do not have to take it off your iPhone 4 to dock and charge in universal dock chargers. You also get dock connector and headphone jack port covers that are designed so that they seamlessly blend into the TRIM's groove design. And last but not least SwitchEasy includes their screen protectors and even a small portable stand!

At $19.99, you're getting a big bang for your buck with the TRIM. The SwitchEasy TRIM is currently available in three colors. 


Nir Schneider