Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad

The Twelve South Compass is one of the most portable iPad stand available. Unlike the BookArc stand I reviewed from Twelve South, the Compass allows you to fully interact with your iPad in all it's modes. Just like any product made by Twelve South, the Compass looks stunningly beautiful even when it's sitting it it's packaging. The Compass is made out of metal and has a pretty hefty weight to it though still very portable since it has a foldable design that helps keep it slim yet very sturdy. 

There are a few rubber points to be found on the Compass that will insure your iPad will never have to get in contact with the metal and also help with traction. The Compass is made to be a very portable stand for the iPad and at that it does not disappoint one bit. You can easily carry the Compass with you wherever you go and easily deploy it virtually anywhere you wish. The way the Compass works is that it's two long legs and back leg fold out (much like an easel), and once you're to sit your iPad on it you fold out both the two small pegs that can also accompany a few cases including the Apple iPad Case. 

The Compass feels very well made and it's hinges smoothly deploy the legs. I must say that after using the Compass stand for my iPad I feel in love with it. It's such a simple device that works flawlessly and presents your iPad beautifully without much distraction like other stands. Positioning the iPad in both landscape and portrait angles on the Compass works great and everything stays very sturdy which allows you to fully interact with the touchscreen without having to worry about your iPad tipping over. 

The viewing angles on the Compass are not adjustable yet they seem to be set at the perfect angle, the sweet spot if you will. As you can see, the Compass fits the iPad with the Apple iPad Case on without any issues at all. Other similar cases will fit on the Compass as well and I really love that option. Now because the Compass is made to accommodate a few iPad cases, the two small pegs that hold the iPad are a bit long which interfere with your hands once you decide to switch to the typing angle on the Compass. 

The Compass also works in a typing angle by flipping out the secondary leg located on the back larger leg. You can see how those two small pegs protrude upwards and ultimately interfere with your hands when you type on the screen. I would recommend to not use those two pegs as there is no need really because the iPad is actually a lot more stable without them and you won't have anything interfering with your typing. This typing mode is actually stable and let's you fully use and press on the touchscreen.

The Compass truly fits the iPad user's every need. Not only does the Compass fit with the iPad's design scheme, it also lets you fully interact with your iPad at home and on the go. If you can carry a few pens with you, you can also carry the Compass with you. To help you carry your Compass with you, it comes with a very nice soft protective carrying pouch.

I definitely recommend that you check out the Twelve South Compass stand for iPad if you're looking for a portable stand. Even if you don't use your iPad on the go so much, the Compass is a great stand to have even at home or in the office. Price $39.99.