SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel case for the iPhone 4 is one of the meanest looking cases you will ever come across. You might be familiar with SwitchEasy's Capsule Rebel series for past generations of the iPhone, these cases have always been somewhat mean looking and very unique as well. The CapsuleRebel for the iPhone 4 brings back the familiar looks of the series with a slightly redesigned spine that is made from a very hard and sturdy polycarbonate which feels very tough, SwitchEasy calls it the "UltraFrame". More after the break.

The Capsule Rebel is designed to give your iPhone 4 tough protection all around but there is one issue I feel that should have been improved, and that is grip. While the Capsule Rebel has this raised spine you might be thinking that it would provide you with some awesome grip, however that is not the case because the material isn't grippy at all but actually a bit slippery. I didn't feel any added grip coming from the spine or even from the TPU layer in between the spine that surrounds the iPhone 4. Both layers feel very similar and do not offer any traction or grip.

This is a bit of an issue when you lay your iPhone 4 on a table because the case tends to just slide all over the place very easily. Because I actually feel that my iPhone 4 is very protected inside the Capsule Rebel, I'm not very worried about all of this but it may affect others differently, so you might want to think about that before purchasing. I really think SwitchEasy should do something about the grip factor and make at least one of these materials more grippy.

Some may not be attracted to the Capsule Rebel's design. I myself really like the design because of how different it looks compared to most iPhone cases out there and you can take a step further by using two different color combinations of the Capsule Rebel's spine or inner layer if you have more than one case, something that will of course cost you more but will definitely satisfy you.

The Capsule Rebel is a two part case that includes a semi-soft TPU layer and a hard polycarbonate spine, aka UltraFrame. I must say that the TPU layer part of the case feels stiff and not all that flexible but it still isn't very hard to install onto your iPhone 4. The spine part of the case does require a bit of getting used to in terms of installation, and once you get around the method os putting it out, it's a piece of cake. 

Surprisingly, the Capsule Rebel doesn't feel bulky to me even when it has a raised spine. Because of this raised spine, when you lay your iPhone 4 on a flat surface such as a table, your iPhone will wobble a lot if your try to use it without holding it and ultimately rendering it useless in that situation. So there are some downsides to the Capsule Rebel's design, and if you're willing to take those then I think this case is actually a very good one indeed. The fit and finish is awesome, it really cannot be any better. Cutouts are perfectly aligned and as always SwitchEasy includes headphone and dock connector port covers that always come in handy. I found no issues with the camera cutout and flash does not interfere with taking pictures at night. 

The Capsule Rebel has a very decent amount of a lip over the screen so that you can lay your iPhone 4 face down should you wish to. All the buttons are covered by the Capsule Rebel which are also raised and are easy to press. 

You could really have fun with this case by changing up the colors if you've got more than one Capsule Rebel, SwitchEasy might even have individual spines on sale soon so you won't have to purchase two cases. I think that the Capsule Rebel need a bit of work but as of now it still is a great overall protective case for the iPhone 4. SwitchEasy includes everything but the kitchen sink with the Capsule Rebel, surprised? Included are two headphone port covers, two dock connector port covers, two screen protectors, two universal dock adapters in black and white, a video dock stand and a cleaning cloth. Price $27.99.


Nir Schneider