Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4 Case

Griffin Elan Form Graphite for iPhone 4 is a two piece case the combines a synthetic carbon fiber texture with a slim form factor. The Elan Form Graphite is fairly easy to install onto the iPhone 4 and I had no trouble taking it off too. The case securely snaps into place using the two pieces, the back cover and the front bezel rim which fully covers the iPhone 4's metal bezel and provides some great lay-on-the-table design. Griffin did a fantastic job at coating the inside surface of the Elan Form Graphite with a rubbery soft touch coating that I see will help protect your iPhone 4's glass back from getting scratched.

I must say that I do have a few issues with this two part design. First of all the polycarbonate rim part of the case does lift up my PowerSupport screen protector just a bit at the corner. I have not come across a case that has lifted or bubbled up my screen protector because it is perfectly centered on my iPhone 4. While the Elan Form Graphite provides a fair amount of protection, I can see it coming apart on impact and letting your precious iPhone 4 flying out of it unprotected. I cannot confirm this will happen but I do have a felling since this is a two part case that can easily be taken apart. Also, the overall fit and finish could be better. There are some parts of the textured back that can be seen as glued onto the case itself if you pay attention to the small details. 

Ports and buttons are very easily accessible with the Elan Form Graphite. There are large cutouts for the volume and silent switch, and the top part of the iPhone 4 is almost fully exposed giving you an easy access to your sleep/wake button and headphone jack. Most 3rd party headphone jacks will fit if you have this case on so no need to worry about that. The same goes for the button dock connector port which also has a wide cutout. There are no issues with the camera flash in dark situations too.

If you're looking for some extra grip for your iPhone 4, I suggest you look elsewhere as the Elan Form Graphite does not have any grip to it. The polycarbonate rim part of the case is very glossy and it's very slippery to handle, nothing good can come out of this right? Well it does match the black look of the iPhone 4 that's for sure. Griffin does not offer any added add ons with this case, no screen protectors or even a small how-to document. Something to consider because of the fact the most case companies do include a few extras and even for a lesser price.

I'm not all that impressed by this case, although wouldn't say this case is a bad case but there are definitely better choices out there for your iPhone 4, even from Griffin themselves. The Griffin Elan Form Graphite is available four different colors. Price $34.99. Griffin's reviewer policy.

Nir Schneider