iSkin Solo Vu Case for iPhone 4

The next installment to iSkin's new line of cases for the iPhone 4 is the Solo Vu case. You can call it a hybrid case because it mixes in hard polycarbonate with flexible TPU materials to provide you with just a little more protection than the iSkin Solo FX for the iPhone 4. Both the Solo Vu and the Solo FX are similar except for a few upgrades on the Solo Vu's part. Catch the full review after the break.

The Solo Vu has a very distinct and sort of an elegant look to it around it's backside. The circular textured pattern on the back look really good and adds some grip. If you notice, the hard plastic part of the Solo Vu is semi-clear with a little black gradient in the middle for show. I'm using a white iPhone 4 so the contrast between the two show very well though if you have a different colored Solo Vu with a black iPhone 4, it will look the same and have a nice contrast. The Solo Vu I have here has a very deep wine red color to it and it shows in sunlight a lot more. 

Just like the iSkin Solo FX case, the Solo Vu does a superb job at protecting the front face of the iPhone 4. The home button is covered yet remains fully functional. Overall the iSkin Solo Vu has the same exact form factor  as the Solo FX without adding bulk to the iPhone 4. The Solo Vu has a dock connector port cover built-in so that you can keep your port clean. At the top of the Solo Vu is a large opening just like the one found on the Solo FX which is used to slide your iPhone 4 into the case with ease. The only small issue I ran into while using the Solo Vu was that taking the iPhone 4 out of the Solo Vu was harder than while using the Solo FX. This is because of the hard material used on the Solo Vu.  

Unlike the the top opening on the Solo FX, the one on the Solo Vu is much stiffer because of the hard plastic back and I think that's actually better in case you drop your iPhone 4 top side down. It's very easy to get to the power button as well the rest of the buttons. 

The Solo Vu feels very good in the hand without having a slippery feel. The textured pattern found on the back also goes around the sides of the case and that provides a good amount of grip. You get a great amount of protection for your iPhone 4 with the Solo Vu, just a tad more than the Solo FX. If I had to rate iSkin's iPhone 4 case lineup for drop protection from 1 to 4, it will go like this: Solo (1) Solo FX (2) Solo Vu (3) Revo4 (4).

The iSkin Solo Vu case for the iPhone 4 is a bit on the pricey side at $39.99 but I think it's a very solid performer. You can pick up the Solo Vu in three colors. Price $39.99.

Nir Schneider